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Intensive research activities were realized with elementary and secondary students, from different societies and cultures on their conceptions of the natural and constructed phenomena with which they interact (Métioui & Baulu MacWillie, 2013, 2015; Allen, 2010; Jabot & Henry, 2007). In this communication, we will first present a review of those works in the case of the transformation of chemical energy in a simple electric circuit to light and heat; force and movement (time, speed, acceleration, etc.) with pupils aged 8 to 14. Then, we will present the results of our research on a comparative study of French (N =84) and English-speaking (N = 54) students from Nova Scotia in Canada. The questionnaire we constructed to identify their conceptions covers some program concepts related to the research of the simple electrical circuit, especially the law relatively the flow of the current. For that, we presented them three multiple choice questions with justification. Methodologically, the step of justifying their choice of answers is essential because it helps to identify the pupil's conception. The results of their analysis attest to the striking parallelism between their conceptions and are like those identified in the different country. Thus, there is no significant difference between the conceptions constructed, while a study conducted by the OECD (2012) indicates that English-speaking high school students in Canada perform better in science than their counterparts in minority communities. In conclusion, we will present our hypotheses to try to understand why, at the primary level, there is no significant difference while at the secondary level, we have a noticeable difference. Here are some hypotheses of answers: (1) Language requirements: textbooks; (2) Teacher training; (3) Policies of Departmental Leaders on the Training of Students in Minority Environments and (4) Economic considerations.

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Abdeljalil Métioui (Canada) 2752
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