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The purpose of this article was to apply the Project Led Education (PLE) teaching methodology. The implementation of this tool has been observed year after year and every new form of employability, always aiming at understanding the importance of phenomena, concepts and techniques related to the development of projects in the classroom. During the classes of the Mobility Discipline of the Terrestrial Transportation under graduation course of Faculdade de Tecnologia de Barueri, located in the state of São Paulo, Brazil it was proposed for the students the elaboration of a project of a road terminal, with classification D. Thus, in this article a case study of the application of the PLE Teaching Methodology was approached using as goal the implementation of this bus terminal. The project was developed by students who considered the needs of the Brazilian urban region in relation to public and collective transportation. In the case study in question, the mobility and the internal and external accessibility of a road terminal, the location of the terrain (topography, local vegetation, economic investments, the capacity of the highways around the terminal, impact on the service of the surrounding highways , impact on the surrounding air quality, water use, energy use, population well-being) and also the creation of an area for vehicular parking and the circulation of buses inside and outside the bus terminal. This proposal of methodology of study contemplated the implantation of ecologically correct items in the daily operation of a terminal, such as, solar energy use, reuse of rainwater, green walls among others. The students' studies to understand the current norms and legislation were intense and helped in the elaboration of the project.

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LILIAN SILVA (Brazil) 9177
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Eik Tenório (Brazil) 9228
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Ernestina Frigelg (Brazil) 9263
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Daniel Scodeler (Brazil) 9279
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