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The author seeks to elucidate some controversial problems of civic education as a key element of the formation of both civic and national self-consciousness within the framework of analysis of the politics of identity and citizenship which has assumed increasing importance in Western and Eastern European countries. In the changing conditions determined by the advent of new forms of political culture, the intensified development of the democratic tradition of political and civic education becomes inevitable. The issue of new aspects of civic education and its objectives has been an ongoing debate in political discourse since the early 1990s. Citizenship is considered as a dynamic construct that should be viewed as a process through which specific rights and obligations are exercised. It is widely recognized now that effective citizenship rests on a rigorous and viable system of civic education, which informs the individual of his civil rights and obligations. Therefore, the problem of national and civic identities as well as the criteria for their definition has become crucial in the discussion of the concept of citizenship. The author examines both the process of gamification of political discourse and the use of game elements to encourage citizens to participate in political decision-making and the planning of large-scale public sector projects. Gamification marks a major change to everyday life. It describes the permeation of economic, political, and social contexts by game-elements such as awards, rule structures etc. The author argues that success is based on a personal concern with the project and a belief in the influence on political decision making. The relationship between representative democracy and citizen participation is also evaluated.

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Vladimir Gutorov 1555
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