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The aim of the present research was to figure out the social value of effort versus competence in educational context. In Study 1, participants (N=116) had to position themselves on the importance of effort- and competence-related personality traits in achieving academic success. We also investigated their meritocratic beliefs. In Study 2, middle school teachers (N=87) had to rate the academic success (social utility) and the perceived likeability (social desirability) of students depicted as high versus low on effort and competence. Results showed that participants rated effort as a more important personality trait for academic success than competence, especially concerning participants demonstrating high levels of meritocratic beliefs (Study 1). Despite this normative value of effort, effort was rated less predictive of academic success than competence (Study 2), suggesting a low social value of effort with regard to social utility. A reverse result was observed for social desirability.

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Berenice Saidah 478
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Eva Louvet (France) 10068
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Pascal Pansu 3202
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