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The purpose of this study was to improve student’s communication ability in science learning program using the Nelson’s Collaborative Problem Solving (CPS) approach in middle school. For this purpose, a teaching and learning program has been developed in the section of 'Biodiversity' based on the CPS approach. The experimental group consisted of 46 middle school students was administered the developed CPS teaching and learning program. The control group of the same subjects as the experimental group was given a small group and cooperative learning program. The learning programs were consist of three projects themes, respectively: (1) Let's become Charles Darwin and find out the secret of the Finchy's beak!, (2) Let's decorate the special exhibition room with the theme of 'The Life on Earth!, and (3) Avengers to protect world wide biodiversity - Earth Guard!. The results have shown a significant difference in the communication ability between the experimental and control group. Specifically, the perceiving competency and adapting competency of communication ability were scored higher in the experimental group than the control group. However, there was no significant difference in science achievement test between two groups. The results were presumably indicated that science learning using the collaborative interaction could be possible to improve students’ communication ability without decreasing their academic achievement score.

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Yong-Ju Kwon (South Korea) 10147
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Jin-Young Park (South Korea) 10148
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Seung-Hyuk Kwon (South Korea) 10149
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Angie Pineda Gonzalez (Colombia) 9690
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Juan Hernandez Medina (Colombia) 9697
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