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Fostering psychological well-being in adolescents requires new educational methodologies aimed at encouraging social and emotional learning throughout adolescence. The use of videogames and role games allow students to play in virtual environments that can be used to representing emotional roles and tasks related to social activities. Aislados intervention program provides such type of videogame where the main goal of students is to reach to a fully understanding of the character’s personalities and emotional states in order to solve riddles and accomplish the different tasks proposed. This study experimentally assess the effects of videogame “Aislados” for the improvement subjective well-being of among a sample of adolescents. The sample has been made up of 187 adolescents, aged 12 to 17, who are currently studying secondary education. The study followed a quasi-experimental design of repeated measures (pre-test and post-test) including a control group, where following variables were assessed: Health-Related Quality of Life (KIDSCREEN), Satisfaction with life (SWLS), Positive Affect (PA) and Negative Affect (NA), Mental Health (MH) and Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire Adolescents Short Form (TEIQue-ASF).The results confirm statistically-significant differences in very important dimensions of subjective well-been such as Health-Related Quality of life, positive affect and mental health. The results of the ANCOVA post-test show that the change stimulated by the program was similar in both sexes.Therefore, these results experimentally validate the role videogames as useful tools aimed at encouraging social and emotional learning throughout adolescence as protective resources in fostering psychological well-being in adolescents. 

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Roberto Feltrero (Dominican Republic) 9855
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Lidia Losada (Dominican Republic) 9856
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Cejudo Javier (Spain) 9975
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