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The paper is a theoretical enquiry of the emergence of cyber-class rooms which has disrupted the traditional pedagogy in education that involved primary interaction between student and teacher. The paper uses Baurdillard’s concepts of ‘Simulation’, ‘Hyperreality’ to understand the technological philosophy of cyber classroom. Baurdillard refers to the term ‘simulation’ explaining it as a process, when the image/model becomes more real than real.  The origin of things is not an original thing but a code or formula. Meaning, the last original does not exist and can be reproduced indefinitely and this is called hyperreal where image is the reality. In the cyber classrooms, student’s understanding of reality are simulated through technology. Real experiences are replicated and imitated in the cyberspace as the cyber classrooms have the potential to replace the real class-room world. Baurdillard, much before the advent of cyberspace pointed out that traditional human communication, relations and meanings as ‘symbolic exchange’ is being replaced by the contemporary media. Cyber classrooms and techno-reality resulting out of the cyber culture reflect the cultural conditions which is a perfect paradigm to explain the replacement of the ‘symbolic exchange’ with that of the ‘semiotic exchange’.  The simulations become the perception of reality and the cyber world dictates the real meat world to such an extent that it creates a hyper reality blurring the real, thus making one unable to distinguish between the real and the unreal i.e., between the cyber world and the real world.  Illusion becomes a reality and the reality becomes the illusion.  With this backdrop, the paper discusses the technological development of the cyberclass room and points out its merits and demerits from the perspective of Baurdillard.

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Deepthi Shanker (India) 10122
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