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Technology-based tools have been widely integrated into the learning process. Videos, e-text, images, PowerPoint podcasts, and a plethora of other tools are used to teach a broad range of topics. From kindergarten to University, various e-learning tools are incorporated into teaching maths, sciences, language, social sciences, computer learning, and different other subjects. Web-based Learning Management Systems like Blackboard facilitate communication between teachers and students as well as allow students to collaborate on projects. This phenomenon is worldwide with almost every single nation taking some technological initiative. Time and resources have been invested in evaluating technologies in education, and survey perception of technology. Lack of agreed standards of measurement often leads to inflated positive ratings of TiE. This phenomenon resulted in a variety of technological implementation driven by clever marketing and hype rather than user needs and personal preferences. The present work identified several of the major problems with the way technology is perceived and evaluated. There is a gap in research in the relationship between user goals, media use and learning.  In web-design, one of the main objectives is to identify and understand the users to address their goals and needs. This process is referred to as “User Experience” and often serves as the foundation of product development. Most educational researchers are not concerned with developing products, so it is easy to see why most research focus is on the existing tools. Understanding user experience in the learning process is essential because it leads to a more meaningful education by shaping the selection of materials, the planning the teaching of the school curriculum and the development of educational tools. The results of this research can benefit educators, schools as well as software developers.

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Vladislav Ilin 3940
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