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The use of electronic technologies has led to the development of educational opportunities. According to studies, the evidence shows that e-learning can have a profound and positive impact on learners’ involvement, positive attitudes of teachers, personalized learning, learners’ creativity (Magnoson et al., 2010) and academic achievements of students (Zare et al., 2015). Negash & Wilcox (2008), quoted in Mahmoodi et al. (2015), suggest that there are six different types of e-learning. The aim of this study was to estimate the impact of types of E-Learning on students’ academic achievements at The College of Business Administration (CBA), Latvia. The statistical population of the study was 200 graduates of the CBA in the period from 2017 to 2019. Results of data analysis using the independent t-test (aided by SPSS) shows if there are statistically significant differences in academic achievements between students who have studied using asynchronous e-learning type and blended e-learning type.

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Janis Supe 1859
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Signe Enkuzena (Latvia) 10152
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Jana Roze 1849
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