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Literature has been viewed as a dry and boring subject mostly among students of English as second language (ESL) classroom. The content and language may be challenging for ESL students as they may not be familiar with the context. This leads ESL students to feel unmotivated when learning Literature. Hence, the inclusion of technology into Literature class is introduced. This study investigates ESL students' experience in using digital storytelling tool called Storybird in writing their own narrative in Literature classroom. Reflective journal is the instrument used to collect data from 10 undergraduate ESL students undertaking Literature as a course of in a university in Malaysia. Findings show that respondents express positive experience in using Storybird and their engagement with the course increases. The pedagogical implication of this study includes the propective use of Storybird in other general English course in promoting ESL students' engagement. 

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Hema Mustafa 1591
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Nur'Ain Balqis Haladin (Malaysia) 10491
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Shalini Bala (Malaysia) 10492
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