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This presentation will describe the UTIFEN project (Utilisation des technologies pour la formation des enseignants par le numérique – Use of technology for digital teacher training). The project is designed to offer teacher training to teachers (current and future) in Niger by mobile learning. Many educators are insufficiently trained to teach. Mobile technology can provide support to teachers and help them become more effective at what they do. It can also support new ways of teaching that improve the quality and relevance of learning. The ambitious UTIFEN project is an innovative response to these substantial challenges. Moreover, it will contribute significantly to the renewal of teaching practices for both practicing and future teachers in Niger. UTIFEN will also enable imaginative uses of technology that are adapted to Nigerien realities. This intelligent, flexible online training program will allow all teachers to train at their own pace. UTIFEN is aligned with the principles of adaptive learning, and its effectiveness has been repeatedly demonstrated in large-scale distance learning programs.

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Thierry Karsenti (Canada) 9291
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