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With technology being integrated in every aspect of educational innovation, instructors and students are required to upgrade their technological skills to embrace the limitless opportunities for blended education. Developing research skills and increasing information fluency among medical students is of ultimate importance if we aim to have lifelong learners doctors who are capable of navigating the overwhelming world of medical innovation and customize their practice to the needs of their patients. Librarians at Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar developed a new initiative to implement information fluency and critical thinking skills into the medical curriculum through blended learning. A series of 45 online modules that covers a wide range of research skills starting from basic to advanced ones was developed using the college’s learning management system.Each module consisted of reading materials, audio-visual resources, online websites and assessment tools. When requested to teach a specific library-related topic, librarians were added to the faculty online course and were able to export these online modules, communicate with students through the learning management system and facilitate the face-to-face session based on the learning outcomes of the online module.This project was initiated and overviewed by the Learning & Student Outreach Librarian. During this presentation, she will provide a description of the design, implementation and promotion of this project. Also, she will be sharing the challenges and successes of such initiative including communication and collaboration with other key departments in the college.

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Reya Saliba (Qatar) 10586
Scientific production

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