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Given the popularity of video games in the society in which we find ourselves, that is to say, in the knowledge society, integration with educational purposes of this type of resources in classrooms it is not surprising anymore. There are even  more and more videogames that present an educational purpose in its own design, and may fall within the concept of "serious game". In this way, the objective of the research will be the design, the implementation and the analysis of a serious game for teaching English as a foreign language, looking for the motivation and the improvement of the teaching-learning process in a virtual context for the beginner level (A1-A2) according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).The game focuses on two skills, reading comprehension and oral comprehension, in a way that can be used both, inside and outside the classroom. The specific curricular content that the game works is about asking for and giving directions in a city, making use of the imperative, open questions, important places as well as occupations related to the same.The group with which this videogame was implemented is of 3rd grade students whose ages range between 8 and 9 years of age. Hence, this study serves to illustrate some of the benefits that it brings to the teaching-learning process of English as a foreign language the use of serious games, showing the experience that we present, this type of digital educational resources are rewarding and should be used in the classrooms.

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Julián López Torres 2125
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Maritza Bejarano Echeverri 2653
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Marta Martín del Pozo (Spain) 9974
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