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The purpose of this paper is to analyze university teachers’ perceptions and practices about flipped instruction. Flipped instruction is 21st century innovative instructional approach in which instruction moves from fragmented classroom practices towards providing students individual learning spaces and transforming learning environment from rigid routine to flexible, dynamic, interactive and is based on students’ reflection. The objectives of the present study are: to analyze university teachers’ perception about effectiveness of flipped instruction in concept understanding and to detect their flipped instruction practices regarding flexible learning environment for students.  It is a descriptive study in which the data is being collected through questionnaire from university teachers.  The collected data will be analyzed by using statistical package for social sciences (SPSS). It is expected that the result will have implication in using flipped teaching to create interest in teaching for students of information and communication technology era who are living and interacting in multimedia world. Further it has implication in transforming practices of teacher educators through providing them professional development training reading innovative instruction strategies. Keywords: university teachers, practices, flipped teaching, learning environment, conceptual understanding

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Sufiana Khatoon (Pakistan) 10541
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