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In traditional classrooms, students learning Chinese Language are expected to listen to lectures and finish the related assignments to strengthen their understanding and master the knowledge gained in class. However, with the quick development of information technologies in the 21st century, there has been a lot of innovation in education, e-learning included. Regarding e-learning, it refers to the use of means of technologies both in-class and outside the classroom to achieve better learning outcomes of students as a result. In general, e-learning ranges from the use of PowerPoint slides (lecturers and students’ presentations) and catchbox (the world’s first throwable microphone to get feedback from student groups) to Moodle (where course materials, electronic reference books and journal articles are uploaded for students’ convenient access, and it also serves as an online learning platform, i.e. learning Chinese characters) to mobile phone applications (for the enhancement of teacher-student interaction, such as Menti) to flipped classroom (where students are required to complete some tasks before lectures). Undoubtedly, with the help of technologies in e-learning, the focus of teaching and learning in this contemporary world has been shifted from teacher-centered to student-centered, and it is believed that students’ expected learning outcomes are maximized.

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Chi Ming Chan (Hong Kong)
University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong) 802
Scientific production

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Ming Wai Chung 3006
Scientific production