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There is no doubt that games create fun. When taken to the educational contexts, however, they are viewed as having both pros and cons. The present study aimed at investigating the advantages as well as the disadvantages of using games for educational purposes in a medical school.  To fulfil the goal, 50 students in the International Education Program (IEP) at Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, who came from 10 different countries and had already taken a semi-specialized English reading course, were involved in the study.  A number of games including backward spelling, drawing-to-guess, pantomiming, role playing, and slide-match were used in 10 successive sessions. Afterwards semi-structured interviews and open-ended questionnaires were administered asking the participants to express their views as to the pros and cons, whether or not and for what other medical courses they would recommend the use of educational games. The content analysis results indicated that the advantages – ranging from simply creating fun and friendly atmospheres and leading to better and easier learning of even difficult vocabularies, encouraging even less active students to be involved, boosting attention and motivation, improving self-confidence, etc. – far outweighed the disadvantages.  The most concerned drawback was that of time. More than 90 percent of the respondents recommended the utilization of playing gaming in pure medical subjects such as anatomy, medical mycology, and parasitology where the students need to learn and memorize a large number of names and in more general courses like psychology and Persian language learning where the learners need to be involved to learn.  Syllabus designers and teachers of not only the above mentioned courses but also courses in other disciplines can take the results into account. Investigating the applicability of such and similar games in the above recommended courses can be the area of further research.

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Elham Nasiri 1168
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Amir Farahmandi (Iran) 10128
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Nasrin Shokrpour (Iran) 10130
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