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In this talk we will discuss the methodology we followed to use a badge architecture as our main evaluation process in selected courses of the Digital Arts bachelor program at the Benemerita Universidad Autonoma de Puebla, to motivate students to accomplish the course objectives in the same manner as video games achievements motivate players to complete the game’s goals. We used the Moodle platform to manage the course syllabus, reference materials, assignments, and most importantly, badges designed to represent a course objective, activity completion or extra-curricular achievement. To match this evaluation method with the University’s grading system, each badge was assigned experience points (XP) emulating a role-playing game leveling system. At the end of the semester the experience points for each awarded badge were tallied and scaled to a 5 to 10 points range to calculate the student’s final grade, complying with our country’s education policy but creating a different experience for the student regarding his/her evaluation.

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Abner Quiroz Clemente (Mexico) 7707
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Héctor Díaz Furlong (Mexico) 8035
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Luis Herrera Romero (Mexico) 8191
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