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The development of smart cities is promoting a rapid increase in the need for on-demand workers.  Most of these intitiatives are fostering a digital revolution that is transforming our social and economic models.  On-demand work, which enables employees and prospective employees to find income opportunities, is initiating the switch from a social-based labor society based on salaried employment to a opprtunity-based labor society in which many people have multiple ways of working, serving others, and making a living.  Research suggests that the rise in on-demand work has been primarily a Smart City and urban economy phenomenon, but it is rapidly being seen in all types of sectors.  This presentation will explore why on-demand work is growing in Smart Cities and urban areas, how on-demand work expertise is developed, why people are aspiring to independent, flexible and multiple forms of employment, and describe the Leisure2Work Program  as a method for training people how to utilize their leisure interests, skills, and time to take advantage of this new economic model and enjoy utilizing multiple ways of working.  The Leisure2Work Program is designed to help people who are working or unemployed to become a micro-entrepreneur and create multiple jobs that help to meet career needs as well as develop multiple streams of income.  This presentation will demonstrate how on-demand work can be effective for contractors, freelancers, retirees who want to make additional money, youth with limited education, long-term unemployed, and professionals who want ot increase their income.

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John Joseph Liptak 1960
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