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Preschool is an early childhood learning program, it is the nucleus of education that mix learning with playing. Preschoolers are between the ages of three and six. Children who enroll in high quality preschool program their life change to the better in future. Preschools prepare children to a better life full of success and improve children behavior and skills in their different developmental milestones; physical, cognitive, language and social which define the interior design criteria. There are many influences that affect the child; Natural surroundings, family, community and school. These aspects affect preschoolers (3-6) years; behavior and developmental milestones. Educational system has many problems affect the children learning and developmental milestones. Lev Vygotsky enhanced the role of social interaction to get the benefits of learning on two aspects, cognitive and social aspects. Vygotsky’s theory promotes the role of intergenerational learning on both elderly and preschoolers. (Estep & Kentucky, 2002). The research aims to provide a learning space through common activities between preschoolers and elderly could be shared as children and elderly foster the sense of community and human interaction which create a vibrant community. In order to achieve the objectives, through the literature review, a questionnaire (to preschoolers, elderly, teachers/caregivers, and geriatric assistants) and analytical studies of successful preschools improved children’s developmental milestones can reach criteria to apply on case study. Then observations of Alexandria Montessori preschool at Alexandria, Egypt will be taken. Questionnaire and observations’ results lead to recommendations which can be taken as guidance for improvements to apply this system at Alexandria Montessori preschool.

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Aliaa Edris (Egypt) 11238
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Hussein Ezzat (Egypt) 11360
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Dina Mandour (Egypt) 11415
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