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This paper explains the curriculum change at the department of journalism at Anadolu University, Turkey. The history of the department goes back to 1982 when the Open Education Faculty needed a department on publishing books, and journalists for the publicity. The name of the department is “Printing and Publishing” at the beginning. The faculty selects 30 students via a special talent exam every year. The education starts with the prep school for English, and four years for the department education. In 2001, the name of the department changes to “Press and Publication”, and the special exam is removed. The department accepts students via central university exam. The number of students accepted per year changes to 50’s and more. In 2011, two main branch offices, and sub offices are establishes in the department. 35 academic stuff chooses one of the sub offices, such as journalism, TV and Radio news, photography, web publishing, ethics, law, theory. One of the sub commission of curriculum renewal investigated the curriculums of the world’s famous journalism departments. Other commission investigated previous surveys and conducted interviews with students, graduates, faculty members and professionals. Finally in the new program, the segment is defined as multimedia publishing. In this context, it is aimed to create a pyramid of lessons on the basis of branches of science and to give every science branch to these targeted lectures and to spread eight courses of these courses. As a result, it is aimed that each student will have a personal web blog when he completes the section, his work in the field for four years will be published in this bloke exhibition, newspaper in the third grade, and magazine applications in the fourth class.

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