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This study aims to explore the values in children’s literature translated from different languages into Arabic, and which were written to specific readers and translated to different other readers. In general, children literature gives to young readers the opportunity to learn and to discover; much more the translated children’s literature makes children en contact with others cultures. It participates in the developing of their intelligence, their creativities, their reading and comprehension skills… etc. Children’s literature has countless values as socials values for example love family, respect people, be polite, like learning, reading, school… So, we examine the values present in the translated books and compare if they are adequate to the cultural context or they are different and oppose the Arabic culture. To achieve this study, we will analyze and discuss some social and cultural values and we will illustrate them by tree translated books into Arabic from different languages: The little prince of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry translated from French to Arabic. Charlie and the chocolate factory of Roald Dahl.Little women of Louisa May Alcott.

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souaad guergabou (Algeria) 11532
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