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The importance of critical reading has been widely acknowledged among readers such as teachers, students, etc... With the technological developments, researchers, linguists or readers have recently been using software, interface or databases such as corpus, which is a collection of texts used for language and linguistic analysis in a computer-based environment. A corpus-based analysis of any literary work is likely to make it much easily understandable in the process of analysis. The thematic and contextual analyses are possible to be done by obtaining the data qualitatively and quantitatively with the help of corpus tools. This study investigated the ways to find out the themes and motifs by using randomly selected novels from Turkish literature. AntConc 3.5.7 offline software was used in order to process the data. At the end of the study, it is aimed to discover the potential of corpus tools for thematic and contextual analysis of literary works. This study is also expected to guide the further studies about thematic and contextual analysis in the literature field.

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Tuncer Aydemir (Turkey) 11475
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