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With the recent increasing globlisation and technological revolution, English Foreign Language Learning involves students to develop not just proficiency in the English language but also to learn new information and develop awareness of lifelong skills. Students’ ability to implement learning strategies and regulate aspects related to their learning is of fundamental importance for effective learning, that is, students need to be self-regulated. Current theories of educational psychology suggest that self-regulated learning can be targeted through teachers’ practices mainly assessment. Specifically, findings demonstrate that assessment practices that emphasise reflection and autonomy can empower students with the necessary strategies and skills for effective learning. Yet, it is evident that theoretical considerations may differ considerably from actual classroom practice. The current study seeks to investigate to what extent and how teachers’ assessment practices support the development of self-regulatory skills among EFL students. Evidence is gathered from students’ experiences through a survey conducted with EFL students at the University of Bejaia, Algeria. Results permitted us to get insight into teachers’ assessment modes and explore their role in promoting awareness and fostering self-regulation in the classroom. The results also pointed out the challenges of self-regulation in the Algerian milieu. In the end, commentaries and suggestions made as a result of this study may be used to support the use of formative assessment as a means for encouraging self-regulated learning.

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