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In the present paper we analyse the concepts of religion, immanence and transcendence presented by the authors Georges Bataille and Elias Canetti, reading through their fundamental works – Theory of religion (1989) and Crowds and Power (1978) respectively –, and comparing their views. The objective of this paper is to outline the linking between the religious sacrifice and the philosophical concepts of immanence and transcendence, aiming to set a causal relation between culture, instinct and language. Battaile’s work gives us a general concise view explaining what the subject of immanence and transcendence is, and uses those concepts to explain the basis of religion. The sacrifice is portrayed by him as a tool, used by the transcendent being, to return oneself momentarily to a state of deep immanency; therefore avoiding the fundamental anguish that rises from the contrast of the transcendental rationality and the dull of immanence. Canetti, on the other hand, presents another analysis on the relationship between immanence and religion, showing that the religion’s origin is much ancient than the rise of subjective tools, being already present, in potential, in intimate world; arising in the relationship between command and fleeing among beings that are immerse in the undistinguished view of existence.

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