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The formative dimension of feedback in EFL writing assessment is unquestionable today. Feedback represents a powerful tool for supporting students’ writing, yet its effectiveness depends on the nature and quality of the comments provided by teachers. A central question to this study then is: how can feedback be used effectively to empower students’ writing? The study provides contextual analysis of feedback and investigates evidence related to its considerable impact on students’ writing achievement. This has the aim of contributing to a wider body of knowledge by getting evidence on the effectiveness of feedback in Algerian EFL writing classrooms. To reach this end, we opt for the use of a qualitative method of data collection. Specifically, students are asked to write three (03) pieces of writing and then submit a revised version of each text after receiving teacher feedback. The written compositions of all students are assessed before and after the provision of feedback to identify any area of improvements in students’ performance. Results permit us to explore both the positive effects and limitations associated with feedback. Subsequently, our research comes up with significant pedagogical implications in which feedback can be used to enhance its effectiveness in EFL writing classrooms.

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nawal kadri (Algeria) 11483
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