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Muslim immigrants to Europe face a great challenge, confrontation of Islamic culture and modern culture. This encounter creates intellectual, cultural and identity conflicts for migrants. Muslim immigrants have a lot of problems for accommodating with the culture of modernity (social rationalism) in Europe. I believe that social relations in Islam contains applicable statements and propositions that can help immigrants with modernity principles. Due to this versatility in two statements; firstly, the socialization of Muslim immigrants will be easier, and secondly Islamic centers in Europe are an opportunity for the European governments to socialize Muslim immigrants. Since the acculturation will take place in interacting with identity, this process sometimes leads to contradictions and crisis of identity in some of the immigrants. Identity is shaped Constant engagement of the individual and the environment. So identity is interdependent with the environmental and internal changes. The identity can be seen with two different aspects, personal and social identity. Personal and social identity can be changed during the process of acculturation. Every one believe that Muslim immigrants in Europe are facing a new culture that seemingly conflicts with their religious culture, and This leads to cultural contradictions and challenges between Muslims and European citizens. But I believe this conflict in many socio-cultural components in Europe culture (modern system) and Islamic culture is apparent. In reality, in many cases, the components that modern culture pays attention, is also a serious concern of Islamic culture. To enter this discussion we will start from the main common point of the two cultures, rationality. This can approximate a lot of cultural components in Islamic and modern culture. Modern cultural Components are derived from rationality.  Are rationality is Approved in Islam.  This Understanding can help acculturation of Muslim immigrants in Europe.

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Mohsen Tousi (Iran) 11433
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