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The creation of a unique academic educational space, starting from the Bologna Process (1999), poses new challenges for the professional training and evaluation of teachers. The aim of this action is to preserve the cultural richness and linguistic diversity of Europe, as well as to enhance the potential for innovation, economic and social development, through full cooperation between European higher education institutions. In Romania, there have been some successes in recent years in the conceptualization, construction, development and evaluation of curricula for primary and secondary education. There is a contradictory situation: the training of trainers in university and the pedagogical education is isolated from the process of conceptual and curricular renewal of primary and secondary education - a field for which teachers of pedagogical education are prepared. The solution to this problem must be based on an adequate system of evaluation and attestation of teachers' competencies (all categories), this being a pressing problem of the reform of university teaching education. To eliminate evaluation issues and to design and develop effective evaluation standards, two important components will be developed: as a first step, the guiding principles and specific criteria that will serve as the basis for the elaboration professional standards and the development of assessment tools to be administered at the national level; in a second step, a central document that will be known to teachers and which will identify the skills to develop (professional standards). In this paper, it is proposed to present the steps followed, or to follow, to implement the expected changes.

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Constantin Petrovici (Romania) 11521
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Manuela Florentina Miron (Romania) 11553
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