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This article studies the process of finding the real identity through memory in Kazuo Ishiguro’s novels, The Remains of the Day (1989). It shows how the protagonist of the novel takes a journey through the unconscious in search for his real identity and seeks, so, the help of his memory which reveals to him the reality about his suppressed self of which he has been always blind. The novel is told in the first person narrative and revolves around the life of Mr. Stevens who is both the narrator and the protagonist. Stevens is a loyal butler who works in Darlington Hall out of which he has never walked one step. However, One day Stevens receives a letter from the former housekeeper, Miss.Kenton who used to work with him and for whom he has forever suppressed his love. Thus he decided to take a journey throughout England to visit her. Nevertheless, the journey to visit Miss Kenton becomes a journey through his unconscious which uncovers the reality about Mr. Stevens' identity. The article uses Carl Jung’s theory of individuation concentrating mainly on the idea of archetypes, to illustrate how the protagonist can find all the archetypes that construct his identity while recollecting his memories. The memory, in this article, is discussed as one of the great abilities of mind which directly affects one’s identity.

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Assil GHARIRI (Algeria) 11505
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Mourad LAKEHAL (Algeria) 11549
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