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The main purpose of this presentation is to explore to what extent the Algerian learner in general and the student in particular are aware of the cultural differences and / or similarities between their own culture (or force proper) and the culture of the Target Language (EFL, as a case in point). We shall first look at the student’s entry profile in this vein before we proceed to a general survey of his attributes in terms of characteristics, contributions, age, aptitude, personality, anxiety, gender, motivation, beliefs, preferences, misconceptions and apprehension, learner’s and learning styles, motivation, - among other indicators -. We shall then explain how these indicators can contribute to a better understanding of the cultural loads of the foreign language. This will be presented on the basis of a Culture Type Taxonomy. We conclude with some examples and suggestions on cultural awareness in an EFL setting in Algeria and argue that this helps him / her understand sentences more in the form of the culture they lay on than on the structures (syntax, vocabulary, etc.) they are built on, i.e., the ‘linguistic and cultural meaning’ of a sentence or expression.

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BOUHADIBA Abderrahmane, Noureddine (Algeria)
Faculty of Foreign Languages/ University of Oran 2/ Oran / Algeria (Algeria) 552
I'm a Professor of Linguistics in the Faculty of Foreign Languages (FLE) in the Department of English at Oran2 University, Oran, Algeria. My main area of interest is the Didactics of English, with special reference to Teaching English as a Foreign Language in Algerian Universities. My other area of investigation is Natural Language Processing and Computational Linguistics for the Arabic, English, and French languages.
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