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The Samanians were Young Nationalist Fighting for Georgia – this is what the acronym SAMAN stands for in Georgian language. The main goal of this union was to subvert the Soviet regime and to bring Georgia independence. The idea of forming this organization started in 1941, the most members of which were doctorates of Tbilisi State University as well as writers, mostly from Tusheti, high mountainous region of Georgia. Unfortunately, in 1942 the soviet government found out about their activities and started imprisoning the members of the Saman: the victims of the Stalinian Regime were either shot, or exiled, or got lost. However, the heroes of the “revolt”, which never managed to take place in reality, created a new epoch in the history of Georgia, which has not been properly studied so far due to objective reasons. The aim of our paper is to present the outstanding members of the SAMAN organization and to consider their literary creations in terms of Anti-Stalinian discourse from the distance of the time.

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Medea Muskhelishvili (Georgia) 11459
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