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Hans-Georg Gadamer has consistently advocated the idea of understanding as a form of “fusion of horizons” that implies the important and active role of each part of a cross-cultural encounter. Theories have differed in approaching the Other by favoring one perspective over the others. Using either a subjective approach or a purely objective and rationalist knowledge seems to fail in the matter of cross-cultural understanding. This paper offers applied-hermeneutics as an alternative way of reading of postcolonial literature. Postcolonial novels E.M. Foster’s A Passage to India and Tayeb Salih’s Season of Migration to the North, as literary examples of diversity and difference, are juxtaposed in the light of the hermeneutical concept mentioned above. These texts embody a range of contexts and circumstances in which communication is challenged by the characters’ different cultural backgrounds, and understanding is only to be achieved through the process of “fusion” of horizons which helps rework prejudices in order to reach a clearer vision. In this context, the hermeneutical “fusion of horizons” represents a new alternative to traditional ways of “knowing” and understanding.

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Laila Bouziane 554
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