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The issue we shall address during this conference relates mainly to the apprehension/comprehension of the culture of the target language (English, in this case) to see how a cultural program could be included in the traditional programs which we have today in Algeria. This will contribute, we hope, to stimulate the debate on the theme Education Quality and Culture. We shall talk about the place of English in the current linguistic market to show that it is the result, among other things, of the efforts made for the diffusion and spreading of this language throughout the world. A work undertaken above all by language policy makers, linguists, teachers, textbook writers and editors, etc. in Great Britain and in the United States of America.  We shall then present some socio-educational markers on the entry and exit profiles of the learner / student at two different periods, i.e., the period prior to the Eighties and that after the Eighties, explaining why the Eighties are taken as a split or a border line. We shall also present broadly the cultural programs which allow learning on the cultural differences as opposed to the current programs based on the linguistic content and which are limited to teaching of structure and form but not function outside their social context. We shall end up our talk with a discussion on the quality of the instruction in the teaching of English in Algeria by referring to the attitudes of the Pupil /Student and those of the Teacher / Lecturer  towards English as a Foreign Language in Algeria.

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BOUHADIBA Abderrahmane, Noureddine (Algeria)
Faculty of Foreign Languages/ University of Oran 2/ Oran / Algeria (Algeria) 552
I'm a Professor of Linguistics in the Faculty of Foreign Languages (FLE) in the Department of English at Oran2 University, Oran, Algeria. My main area of interest is the Didactics of English, with special reference to Teaching English as a Foreign Language in Algerian Universities. My other area of investigation is Natural Language Processing and Computational Linguistics for the Arabic, English, and French languages.
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