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This paper examines the six-Day war’s poetry of Nizar Qabbani, especially his poem: (Footnotes to the book of the setback). The great Syrian poet Nizar Qabbani was transformed from a poet of love into a revolutionary activity. The defeat of the Arabs in the June War was one of the most important factors which directed Qabbani toward the writing of political poetry. Qabbani derives his poems from Arab society, his poetry is rich in it is realistic experience in it we feel that the political situation of Arab society is embodied as it truly is. After June defeat Qabbani turn his poetry into an active and effective part of the consciousness of masses and to be angry in every case. The most important issues of Nizar Qabbani’s criticism for Arab culture were: the stagnation of inherited Arab thoughts, the Arab heritage, the old Arabic language, the waging of war with words rather than weapons, unpreparedness for war, the isolation of Arabs and the outside world’s ignorance of the, terrorism against the masses by the authorities, the abandonment of the cause of Arab unity, the defeat was the Arab’s doing, the new generation of Arab children will have the victory.

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