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One of the biggest questions a high school graduate has to face is jumping into the workforce or choosing to go to college. The decision often depends on the resources and support the student has, as well as any clear and defined goals prior to stepping into college. Those who do not have these resources or have these defined goals often find themselves stressed. Societal norms, family members, time constraints, money, their high school GPA, and the prestige associated with the college can lead to detrimental psychological effects leading to students either dropping out or attaining their degree without direction. In a sense, students often find themselves lost and anxious with the uncertainties brought upon by the factors dictating their academic choices. With such a high risk investing into a four-year university, another option for those who still wish to go to college is necessary. Community college is that other option that students can decide to attend. At community colleges, classes are often cheaper leaving students to feel less pressured as well as giving students the time to figure out what they want to do. Students have the time to mature and grow so they can find a career that they truly love. From a financial standpoint, it is the most economical choice for a student who lacks direction and not ready to choose a field of study. There may be negative myths associated community colleges, such as low prestige and students with a lack of effort; however, students who persevere through often find themselves at top colleges and into a field that they love. This paper will examine the positive outcomes of attending community college rather than applying for a 4-year institution, as well as the psychological and personal benefits of attended a community college.

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