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This paper explores the issue of blogging, identity portrayal and self-disclosure online and examines the group of Malaysian female bloggers known as the “Scarflet Sisters”. Blog has been used widely as a personal space to disclose, communicate and share about self on the Internet. The act of voluntarily revealing about self to another person is known as “self-disclosure”. In fact, many bloggers engage with self-disclosure because blogs are considered a relatively suitable place for sharing voice, ideas and identity through the Internet. Previous research has found that compared to males, female bloggers are more likely to disclose personal information, such as feelings, thoughts and to display a fuller profile (e.g., name, picture, video) on blogs. It is interesting to understand how such trends of self-disclosure relate to as well as reflect user identity portrayal online. In the context of blogging in Malaysia, the blog has opened up a new space for many Malaysian female bloggers, especially the group of Scarflet Sisters, to manage their personal growth, form their identity and develop social roles in the society. Through the use of blogs, the Scarflet Sisters has influenced the way Muslim women in Malaysia view themselves especially in terms of identity and fashion. This paper discusses the issues of blogging, identity portrayal and self-disclosure practices of 20 Scarflet Sister’s bloggers in Malaysia by reporting findings obtained from Content Analysis (CA) of posts from 20 Scarflet Sister’s blogs. The paper reports both descriptive and inferential statistical results and, thus, it reveals key blogging practices and associated patterns of online identity portrayal and self-disclosure within the Scarflet Sister’s group. This is followed by a general discussion about blogging, self-disclosure and identity and from women’s/feminist perspective.  

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Sharifah Sofiah Syed Zainudin  3695
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