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The contemporary world has been experiencing a variety of challenges such as poverty, climate change, and food security. This has necessitated scientists to develop new technologies to find a solution to these problems. The creation of new technologies based on innovation and creativity therefore lead to societal transformation. Vehicles using alternative fuels, primarily electricity, are becoming more popular because they help solve the problem that gasoline powered cars pollute the air which in turn is causing climate change. However, the development of a new technology that solves a problem does not guarantee the adoption of that technology. For a technology to be accepted, the culture must change in order to include that technology within it. In the United States cars are a way of life. The large open spaces in the U.S. and the emphasis on freedom make cars the most popular form of transportation, and cars have always run on gasoline. Though cars that run on alternative fuels are better for the environment, there are reasons that gasoline powered cars are still prevalent. Since electric and hybrid cars are a new technology, they are not as efficient or as powerful as gasoline powered cars. Even the cheapest electric car is expensive, though this cost is then offset by the fact that less is spent on fuel. The first step for alternative fuel cars to be accepted is for them to become more cost effective and efficient. Innovation and social cohesion are important in sustainable development and therefore both depend on culture. Governments have a responsibility to push forward technologies which will improve lives through the use of incentives.

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