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Mythology, overflowing with holy events, over-the-top and often strange, is about heroes and characters who are often honored by people and sometimes scary or fearful of them.These myths have features that are quite different in terms of the quality of our time, and their occurrence may have originated at the beginning of the creation or occur in an unknown time in the future. Myths are, in fact, an interface between humans and phenomena that might not be able to find a reason for it.The mythology of Iran has various dimensions that have developed in a vast territory during different periods of the formation of culture and civilization. most of these myths have religious, social, epic and family forms. Sometimes myths are transformed, and their modifications may change. The Zoroastrian mythology is full of angels, gods and goddesses who were largely praised by the people. Thus, in Manichean mythology, we see characters who, in their own image and even in appearance, have similarities with Zoroastrian gods and goddesses. Daena is the goddess of religion and conscience in the Zoroastrian religion, and the Glory maiden, one of the goddesses of the Manichean religion, is among these characters. In this research, the coexistence of these two gods, their similarities and differences are investigated.

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Fatemeh Karamnezhad (Iran) 11488
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