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These days, the world is facing a new challenge, the Industrial Revolution 4.0. Not only nations and corporate companies, human as an individual required to move quickly in utilizing technology, especially the internet. At the one hand the internet brings an easy way of “interaction” but on the other hand, the internet slows down the real meaning of “interaction”. Human life is visualized in the form of online, games, books and other activities which ultimately human life will only be at one screen. In practice, Industrial Revolution 4.0 finally understood more as global capitalism which encourages people to be more individualist. As a nation with so many cultural wisdom, Indonesia has values that can be re-explore to produce how social norms are carried out while still being oriented towards the modernization. One of those cultural value is traditional games. In a traditional game as “Gobak Sodor”, participants, especially children will not only be happy by the game, but they also learn to work together and find solutions together so their team could come out as a winner. The character of teamwork in traditional games become a means of building a character who have a shared identity and awareness of a concept belonging called “we feeling”. Different from virtual games where interactions is limited only to the media screen used, traditional games can be an agency in instilling the values of togetherness and belonging so that it can be used as the main key in shaping early our character in society which actually makes us not as victims of Industrial Revolution 4.0 but we emerge as creative and civilized individuals that ready to create a bright future.

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Muhammad Efendi (Indonesia) 10094
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Andrean Putra (Indonesia) 10096
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Probo Yakti (Indonesia) 10098
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