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In this research was investigated Luristan's bronze weapons by the description-analytical method and considered only decorative aspects but functional as well. On the basis of research's fundamental questions, mythological and religious reliefs are the most important decoration of Bronze weapons which reflect beliefs a nomadic ethnic moved back and forth in valleys and altitudes for constant centuries. Additionally, it should be noted that religious and cultural effects during the 5 century Kassites’ domination in Babylon and the inspiration of the Mesopotamia have been appeared in bronze reliefs. By considering the research examples, it can be said that plant and animal reliefs were in priority on bronze weapons and tools and had more popularity for bronze instructors.The analysis of Luristan's bronze weapons reliefs and the impact on the periods Achaemenid and Parthian’s weapons are likely to be the crucial findings of this research that open a new pathway so as to do more research

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Masoud Teimouri (Iran) 8406
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