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In this report, the motives of search and rescue volunteers and their personal values are examined in a higher education students’ voluntary group of Moscow Emergency Control Ministry organization. The main objective is to find out what kind of relationship exists between voluntary experience and different types of volunteering and personal values among young people. The conceptual foundation of the research is the Theory of Reasoned Action (M. Fishbein and I. Ajzen, 2011) in its application to the six-dimensional model of Volunteer Functional Motivation (E.G. Clary et al, 1998).  All participated students (N=148) were current volunteers with the voluntary experience from one-half to six years. Three groups of respondents were identified by the period of volunteering: Trainees (up to one and a half years of activities), Trained (up to three years of activities) and Experienced (more than three years of activities).   The structure of volunteering motivation and personal values of students in all groups was defined. The main differences between groups of volunteers related to their main motivation factors. The experienced volunteers were much more motivated to Achievements and Results of the activities, while the trainees were driven by pro-social and educational values.  There were only slight differences among groups in other indicators, as most respondents are characterized by mixed motivations. The most interesting result is the controversial relations between two clusters of motives and values of volunteers revealed by the correlation analysis of data. On one side, the more students valued Power, Money and Achievements, the more they were motivated in Activities and its Results (r=0.46-0.58), and on the other side, the more they were motivated by Activities, Results and Achievements the less they valued Goodness, Safety and other universal values (r=-0.56-0.76).

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Vladislav Petrov 1718
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Vladislav Petrov 1718
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