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The present study aims to explore Lisa Genova's debut novel, Still Alice(2014) in terms of the significance of narrative and techniques of narration in understanding dementia and the sufferings of an Alzheimer patient. Accordingly, we attempt to explore the techniques of narration in the novel that involve the reader and engage him with the main character and her feelings as a patient suffering from dementia. Alice has early-onset Alzheimer disease, and the novel narrates the two years of her life, how she loses her identity as a Harvard professor and becomes no one. Together with the occurrence related to her amnesia and to the Alzheimer's symptoms, Genova intentionally supplants the reader with Alice. Therefore, whenever Alice forgets something, a word, an abject or even her own daughter, the reader seems to forget them as well.Still Alice supposedly attempts to convince the people that she is still Alice, but the reader, at the end, as Alice herself, becomes a complete convincer of her own.

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Samaneh Zahedipour (Iran) 10125
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