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This work presents the results of the study of cadets’ educational motivation held in Moscow cadet schools. The main goal is to determine the influence of cadets’ satisfaction with the military occupational choice on their motivation. It should be realized that military occupations are always associated with danger, hard work and threat to life and health. Therefore, the achievement of high-level professionalism in this field requires high motivation in education. The cadets from 15 to 17 years old (average age = 16.3) were participants of the study (N = 122). The sample was divided into two groups. The first group included cadets fully satisfied with their professional choice. The second group was formed of cadets with the uncertain position regarding their military occupational chose. The data analysis showed that the first group of cadets had higher academic grades in their studies. Their dominant motives were professional (83%), and they strived to achieve positive results from their actions (75%). It was also easier to concentrate on studies for cadets of this group. Cadets from the second group were uncertain in their willing to become military specialists and had lower professional motivation (49%). In their educational motivation the avoiding motives prevailed (80%), which also negatively reflected on their learning. Particularly interesting results indicated that cadets satisfied with the military occupational choice were more inclined to communicate with peers (79%) and considered military occupations prestigious. Cadets not satisfied with their occupational choice tended to communicate less (52%). Thus, the uncertainty in the military occupational choice might cause dissatisfaction and the decrease in educational motivation of cadets. Consequently, psychologists should pay more attention to cadets with a reduced educational motivation to organized their relevant guidance.

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