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Annotation. Peculiarities of students' academic success (rating, academic motivation, academic goals, target regulation and self-organization of educational activities) with a low and medium level of reflexivity are analyzed. Objective: to study the characteristics of the educational success of students with different levels of reflexivity. Reflexivity is considered as a personality quality that ensures the adoption of effective decisions, the solution of tasks, the successful implementation of any activity, in this case, educational activity. Method. The method of slices is used, the technique of diagnosing reflexivity A.V. Karpova, Scale of Academic Motivation, Questionnaire of implicit theories and learning goals Dweck, Methodology “10 goals” N.E. Kharlamenkova, Questionnaire "Diagnosis of the features of self-organization" (DOS) A.D. Ishkov. The statistical method is a correlation analysis (Tau-b Kendall criterion). Subjects: students (N = 41) of Moscow University, the average age of 19.5 years. Results. Two groups of students were identified: the group with low reflexivity included 56.3% of the students, the group with the average - 43.8%. It has been established that students with low reflexivity are oriented towards the academic rating, external motivation predominates (achievement motivation and introjected motivation), the parameters for accepting implicit theories of intelligence and the personal component of self-organization are weakly expressed. Students with medium reflexivity are characterized by cognitive motivation and self-development motivation, targeted regulation of educational activities - they share theories of an "enriched" personality, are aimed at learning and development, and not at easy success and avoidance of failure. Output. The results obtained demonstrate that the success of training and academic success are more characteristic of students with an average level of reflexivity.

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Tatyana Berezina 369
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Aleksej Kokurin (Russia) 10590
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