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Gamification technique offer important learning improvements for students. In this context, a project based on a trending type of game is presented for students in their first / second academic year at university. Electronics are a tough subject for people that have never dealt with it before. Moreover, Digital and Analogic Electronics are commonly presented as non-related fields, which makes even more difficult their learning for the students. Therefore, we proposed a game in which knowledge from both topics have to be employed, encouraging team working and communications skills. What is more, it is structured as a competition, so that a motivation factor is included in the project. The main idea consists of challenges related to electronics in which the participant have to use their knowledge in electronics to solve digital codes, design analog electronic circuits from encrypted specifications and find passwords to access digital systems. All these challenges are to be solved in groups, taking into account the problems solved and the required time to do it in order to classify the participants. In this manner, laboratory work and gamification are combined to create a synergy for learning techniques, whose main goal is improving the excellence of university education.

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Santiago Tainta Ausejo 3641
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