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the primary aim of this article is to map the Internet regulatory practices based on the case study of the videogame industry. To do so, the article combines and complements sources of data from coded semi-structured interviews with professionals of the videogame and eSports industries and, second, the analysis of ethnographical and auto ethnographical accounts from the researcher´s fieldwork. The goal of the article is double: first off, to analyze the dynamics and the criteria behind the regulatory practices contained in this industry. This includes the intersections between geographically bounded normative frameworks, corporative and consumer practices and, lastly, negotiations coming from third party regulatory bodies. The article will also attempt to tackle the transposability of these practices into the field of communication policy research. Results display how the industry’s regulatory frameworks have a multiplicity of origins and criteria behind their implementation. This shows a disconnection between the practices held by the companies and the institutional grounds where the debate of the governance of the Internet had been traditionally held. Furthermore, private-led initiatives do take advantage of and benefit from the challenge of traditional forms of regulatory practices. These practices are normally followed by an institutional adaptation catching up to the first and without any mechanism that tackles the effects of private-led practices retroactively. Even with that in mind, the country based normative frames are becoming pervasively present in some facets of the industry -i.e. gambling laws, IP location of a user-producer/consumer- which determine the criteria to identify which laws are legitimately applicable and enforceable. In that sense, there is a clear influence of pre internet era, off-line territorial-based laws, which tend to increase their presence in the online spaces. 

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Albert Garrich Alabarce (Germany) 10910
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