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The analysis of bank customer behavior has been considered of great interest by international banking in the past few years and has gained greater relevance during the economic and social crisis that started between 2007 and 2008. Portuguese bank customers behavior is analyzed by the comparison of data obtained prior to the economic crisis in 2007 with data obtained a few years after in 2013, using survey results with statistical relevance. In this study was also used data and information from recognized entities, including customer satisfaction and trust information from ECSI Portugal. Globalization, seen as a simultaneous transformation in the economy, politics and culture, resulted in a more intense competition and companies deepen methods to improve customer acquisition and loyalty. Scientific development, particularly in the field of behavioural economics, which includes many contributions of Psychology and Sociology, as well as in the field of Neurology that gave rise to Neuroeconomics, has allowed the adaptation and change of traditional economic theories of decision making, based only on economic rationality, in the wake of the Cartesian dualism and Newtonian atomism, allowing for a better understanding of the decision making on the part of the individuals. It is demonstrated that the element currently more relevant to customer satisfaction and loyalty towards their main bank in Portugal is trust. We also conclude that Portuguese customers trust in banks evolution over the last few years is not as negative as we could expect, considering all the problems that have been affecting this sector, but something new is happening because today customers satisfaction is decreasing. There is a significant shift in the banking activity, with a rather different approach from what we had traditionally known. This means that banking activity is changing, and this new way may lead to a further decline in customer trust.

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António Cabeças (Portugal)
Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa (Autonoma TechLab) (Portugal) 61
Associate Professor, PhD Economy
Scientific production

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António Duarte Santos (Portugal) 141
António Duarte Santos. Ph.D. in Economics, specialism in Public Economics and Regulation. Master’s in Business and Public Administration. Bachelor in Banking Business. Bachelor’s degree in economics. Professor at Autonoma University of Lisbon. Researcher at CARS – Centre for Economic Analysis of Social Regulation. Member of the ENHR - European Network for Housing Research. Associated Member of ASEPELT – International Association of Applied Economics. Member of the American Economic Association (AEA). Associated member of the Institute of Public Policy (IPP). Member of SEDES – Association for Economic and Social Development. Associated member of the Lusophone Movement (MIL – Portuguese-speaking World). Associated member of APM – Portuguese Management Association.
Scientific production