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Tom Carnase is one of the leading typographers of the last 50 years. As far back as the 1960s he clearly foresaw the use of typefaces in future computers and advised colleges and universities to prepare to add this to their curricula.He also foresaw the need for typographers to have copyright protection in American law and lobbied the United States Congress to revise its copyright law. Following the change of law in 1976, he co-founded the World Typeface Center in 1980. Although he designed or co-designed more than 100 typefaces, he is perhaps better known for having created some of the most recognizable lettering and logographic designs for a variety of famous clients, including Apple Computers, Brooks Brothers, Calvin Klein, Consumer Reports,Fortune magazine, L'eggs, NBC, and Saks Fifth Avenue.His typefaces including the iconic ITC Avant Garde Gothic and WTC Bodoni, both of which influenced a generation of graphic designers. Perhaps his most iconic designs is Avant Garde, a typeface inspired by publisher Ralph Ginzburg's magazine of the same name. Carnase also worked with Massimo Vignelli to produce WTC Our Bodoni. He later created corporate logos and identity designs that promoted his clients' products.

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