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Currently the online environment is an important dimension of life in society, and influences our forms of socialization and behaviors, including in the political sphere and participation. We understand that political participation is a voluntary action carried out by citizens whose objective is to inform the government and society their demands and preferences, the aim of this research is to understand how the use of the internet relates to the mechanisms that lead to political participation. Therefore, starting from the Civic Voluntarism Model, which identifies that political behavior happens in terms of three dimensions, resources, motivations and capacities, that influence each other, we ask if the use of the internet should not be considered in conjunction with these dimensions. For this, we took Brazil as a case study and with the data from Latin American Public Opinion Project we set up logistic regression models, with the aim of understanding how internet use and the dimensions of civic voluntarism interact in the explanation of political participation. The results shown that internet use is a dimension with positive impacts to protest behavior and negative for electoral attendance, bringing empirical grounds for the thesis that the online dimension has interaction with other dimensions and the impact of internet on engagement occur in different ways and in different directions

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Jaqueline Resmini Hansen 1861
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