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Students´ engagement and scientific abilities developed in middle and high school are the background that students have when they enter into higher education. In Portugal the students’ first contact with Chemistry and Physics occur in the middle school and is crucial not only to understand what the science is, and captivated them, but also to perceive how it is developed and constructed. In order to promote the student´s engagement in chemistry and its self-efficacy, experimental work using laboratory stations was implemented during two years in a middle school class sessions. In this model, in the classroom/laboratory session (45 minutes) student´s group´s (2 or 3 students) has to execute four different and independent experimental stations, each one with a predefined time and different materials, and have to complete a lab worksheet. The tasks can range from simple procedures, like measurements, to more elaborated experiments (testing hypotheses, solving open-ended problems, planning activities). During this process teacher supervise and provide student support and feedback. This teaching/learning method that has underlying active learning, Peer instruction and neuroeducation, both essential to scientific abilities acquisition showed good results regarding the promotion of laboratory work in physics, but had not yet been implemented and evaluated in chemistry. In this study it will be reported the students development during two years of aplication of this methodology. 

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Isabel Cristina Ribau Coutinho 1630
Scientific production

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