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Music streaming platforms have profoundly transformed the music cultural industry in recent years. Providing access to an almost infinite repertoire of music anywhere and anytime, these platforms are not only intended to become major players in the music industry, but above all to transform the aesthetic and musical experience of their users. Indeed, seeking to develop the marketing concept of "user experience", platforms seek - using recommendation and prediction algorithms as well as self-generated playlists from user traces and data - to provide an unparalleled experience of congruence between user tastes and their directories. To this end, and through the use of listening data according to time of day, geolocation or listening support, streaming platforms cherish the dream of providing the right music for every moment and every activity of its users through the development of artificial intelligence for atmosphere detection.What are the social and aesthetic consequences of these platforms and their business models on the musical experience of listeners? What social relationships with music are developing in the audience? What are the social consequences of these new methods of recommending and curing content?First, we will present the functioning of these devices and their integration into the technical and economic model of music streaming platforms. Secondly, based on a qualitative survey of Quebec listeners conducted in Quebec, we will show that these new recommendation mechanisms have a significant impact on listeners' musical experiences, but also have a significant impact on political, economic and cultural issues in Quebec.Translated with

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Romuald Jamet 1847
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